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Puppy 1:2:1

Initial consultations are 1 1/2-hours and all training is tailored to the owner's requirements.
Puppy 1:2:1

Before you have even purchased your puppy, it has already gone through an immense biological and neurological development, including learning to see, walk and becoming more independent of their mother.

In your puppy’s first 12 months, not only does it grow and become stronger, but they will also go through neurological hurdles that can affect learning.

Because of this rapid development, it is crucial that you seek a trainer that is not only experienced in training dogs but also has behavioural expertise to guide you through both the first couple of weeks of ownership and more importantly the next 12-16 months of development.

Here are a few examples of how I can help you with your new puppy:
  • Some clients request expert advice before they purchase their puppy to help prepare the dog for its new home.  This can include advice to ensure a smooth transition from breeder to your home, correct crate set up, nutrition, toys and equipment that will be required in the first few weeks.  

  • Other clients require help to house train their puppy or reduce the amount of mouthing (a by-product of teething).

  • And more and more clients are recognising the crucial role correct science-based socialisation has on your puppy’s development and training when out on a walk.
The fee for this is service is £115 + travel after the first 5 miles.

If you would like to give your new puppy the very best, just complete the questionnaire at the top of the page and I will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for your initial consultation.
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