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Richard Edge
BSc (Hons) Canine Behaviour & Training, APDT, KCAI, CD
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Remote Control Your Dog

With many of us living in locations where there are no suitable dog trainers or behaviourists in their area, or your work schedule does not always allow the time to book a physical consultation, I recognise that this does not stop your dog from needing attention and training. With this in mind, I can offer remote access training and behaviour service to assist you with all of your training and behavioural needs.
Whether it is a brand-new puppy in need of the all-important guidance at their early age or an adult dog whose behaviour needs addressing, remote access training from a highly qualified dog trainer and behaviourist may be just the answer you were looking for.

How Does It Work?

One to One
All sessions are a minimum of 1-hour but can also be booked in blocks of 1-hour sessions if you require more time or would like further advice and guidance.

Behavioural Consultation: 3x1-hour sessions which are flexible and can be used to suit you, i.e. a 2-hour initial session to go through the issues you are having and the training on how to resolve the problem behaviour, followed by a 1-hour session a couple of weeks later to assess the progress and offer further advice.

1.    If you would like to book a session you will need to complete the questionnaire
      at the top of this page, where you can select your choice of media conferencing.
2.    I will contact you and arrange a suitable time and date for the session.
3.    You will pay for the session electronically the day before your session.

4.    A remote session will take place.

5.    Suitable written instructions will be emailed to you after the session to guide you
      further with your training, along with full email support.

Issues Ideal for Online Assistance
One to One: Unwanted behaviours, such as jumping, excessive barking etc.,new dog and rescue advice and puppy guidance including house training, mouthing etc.
Behaviour: Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Phobias and Fear related behaviour.


One to One
1-hour Remote Session £55.00
2-hour Remote Session £85.00
Behavioural Consultation
3x1-hour Remote Session £185

"As we were unable to attend the face to face classes due to the lockdown, we had a video call with Richard to discuss the training of our 6 month old Labrador, Ash. This session was very useful as Richard was able to advise on how to take his training forward and to suggest techniques to overcome particular problems we were facing, such as waking early in morning, recall and barking. His guidance has helped us to focus our training and give us confidence that we are doing the right things with Ash.  Using a video call was particularly good as we could show Richard how Ash is progressing and also Richard could show us his training techniques with his dog in his garden. The follow-up emails setting challenges also helped us." Chris and Jackie.

For Remote Control Your Dog Enquiries
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