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Richard Edge
BSc (Hons) Canine Behaviour & Training, APDT, KCAI, CD
Suburban Dog Trainer
Richard@Suburbandogtrainer.co.uk 0113 2607292 07590 406651
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Six weeks ago we were almost ready to send our 16 week old working cocker spaniel, Maddie, back to the kennels.  We thought we would never be able to control her behaviour and train her to be a good citizen. Richard's common sense approach in a one to one session was like a breath of fresh air.  He gave us a few simple techniques to overcome some of the problems we were having, and more importantly the confidence to carry on. A second session four weeks later has provided more valuable tips and with his encouragement we have finally been brave enough to let her off the lead on daily country walks. Maddie is still a work in progress but we can see her improvement.  We feel much more able to cope with such a lively, bouncy puppy now, safe in the knowledge that Richard will be there when we need some more support.

Richard took in a big challenge with our three ‘naughty’ golden retrievers.He was non judgmental and gave us a real insight into our dogs behaviour.I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard *****stars
Richard has just been the most patient and kind trainer Molly and I could have asked for. Richard is slowly but surely turning us into well trained dog and owner. Thank you so much Richard, we just love coming to class and learning each week.
I Can not recommend Richard Highly enough... after been let down by other trainers in the past having a certain approach towards Duke because he was a “Doberman” Richard restored my faith in dog training and is a true dog lover! He put Duke and our whole family at ease as soon as we met him for our first 1:1 training. Duke was a rescue puppy and when we got him at 5 months old he had not had the proper socialisation that he should as a pup, making him rather anxious in and out of the house this made having guests round or taking him on walks an awful experience for both him and us, as he he would overly excitedly jump and bark at guests that entered the house and it was impossible to get him to walk nicely on the lead and seeing other dogs would send him into a full meltdown of screaming and lunging and not knowing how to control himself in situations when he was excited or nervous. Richards knowledge and understanding of all dogs is incredible and by explaining why Duke acts the way he does and understand situations from Dukes point of view we are now able to help him control his behaviour in frustrating situations. It is going to be working progress but I have no doubt that with Richards help along the way we will have a happy well behaved Doberman in no time.

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